Vitamin Injections


Vitamin D

Ways to get vitamin D

Sunlight, red meat, oily fish and eggs.

Vitamin D is needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Fights infection, boosts immune system, reduces heart disease and helps manage high blood pressure.

Improves vitiligo, psoriasis and beneficial in cancer treatment.


Vitamin B12

Ways to get vitamin B12

Improves metabolism and helps in weight management, improves sleep, hair strength and brain power, boosts energy and fights fatigue, reduces anxiety.


Biotin vitamin H

For hair growth, hair strength improves keratin the protein in skin, hair and nails.

Reduces shedding hair and breakages. Also useful is glucose management.


Vitamin C

Supports the body against cold and flu viruses. Supports eye, gum health and collagen production.

Helps cardiovascular disease and fights free radicals.