Oncology cancer massage

for cancer patients

I have supported and guided cancer sufferers and patients for many years. I offer a safe and secure setting, where you can feel nurtured.

My clients can experience some of the following benefits of oncology massage.

  • Better sleep

  • Less anxiety and stress

  • Less pain from the cancer or the treatment.

  • Less chemotherapy related nausea

  • Fewer headaches

  • Reduced neuropathy

  • Improve fatigue and energy

  • Improves scar tissue

  • Improves mental clarity and alertness

  • Improves immune system and lymphatic drainage

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Rebuild hope and a positive outlook for the future

  • Reduce fatigue and increase energy

Scar massage

Massage can provide you these benefits:

  • Helps break down scar tissue formations.

  • Improves scar mobilisation

  • Reduces pain, hypersensitivity and itching

  • Soft tissue manipulation may soften scars

  • Keloid and bulky scars may flatten with massage

We use special oils to improve skin structure and break down of scar tissue

Please speak to your oncologist / Doctor / specialist nurse for the all clear to have a light relaxing oncology treatment, so that we can book you in for your treatment.