Hawaiian Lomilomi massage and Hands Free/ No hands massage

This form of massage is carried out using the forearm and elbow, it is effectively a hands free massage.

Lomilomi means "Loving Hands" massage. The reason for is that it works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body and, enabling the recipient to completely relax, give in and simply be.

The massage works by stimulating the natural flow of energy. The treatment may be slow and relaxing or faster and invigorating, but is generally deep and rhythmical, using the forearms, heels of hands and elbows in long flowing strokes.

This massage is a healing, nurturing, motivating tool that can offer the highest form of deep tissue relaxation. Many ailments, injuries and conditions are greatly relieved. As well as the discomforts associated with managing ill health such as arthritis, fibromyalgia.

Water retention, muscle cramps, and menopausal symptoms are reduced. Increases vitality, improves muscle strength to support exercise, increases confidence and well-being, helps relieve general stiffness and weakness.

Helps you let go of old patterns of holding emotions in your muscles.

Reduces anxiety, fears, worries, sadness and empowers through human caring and encouragement.

Improves relaxation and blood pressure, calms heart rate, brings a good night sleep.

Hands free/ No Hands massage

Is utterly relaxing yet extremely deep. using the forearms and elbows. The movements are long and stretching, but deep and powerful.

Your tensions and stresses will be ironed out with this massage. A very powerful, therapeutic massage both physically and emotionally.