"Since I have been seeing Natasha, I have a lot more energy and some of the symptoms I was experiencing such as bloating and stomach pain have completely gone. I now have a much greater understanding of food and what I should be eating regularly and those foods that I should avoid. Natasha has offered and continues to offer me so much support. I have MS but feel, through seeing Natasha, that I am helping myself to feel as well as I can within the constraints of living with MS."

Mrs J Whitbread - Police Department

"Natasha's approach to her work is extremely professional, knowledgeable and attentive, her deep tissue massage is with out doubt the best I have experienced, with the mixture of massage and hot stones, I feel my muscles begin to ease within minutes and I finally leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Highly recommended."

"Natasha's nutritional consultation was informative and interesting, professional and in-depth. Natasha took the time to explain everything in detail and told me why the body needed certain elements in order to perform more efficiently. Her suggestions made sense and seem easy to adopt into my daily diet. Her approach was specific to my needs and my goals and Natasha was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her work. Cannot wait to return in a few weeks or so for the follow-up appointment, simply fantastic..."

"After feeling my body starting to strain from my pregnancy I booked in with Natasha. After just one treatment I was feeling so much lighter on my feet and my aches and pains were melting away. I booked further pregnancy massages after this and found every one as relaxing and helpful as the last. This is one thing I very much miss from no longer being pregnant. Natasha was very skilled in this area and always gave a very personal experience."