Eating too much animal protein

Post date: Jan 4, 2014 3:13:14 PM

Eating animal fats and proteins has been shown in studies to raise a person´s risk of developing cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, and a number of other illnesses and conditions. All animal proteins are difficult to digest and demand more pancreatic enzyme activity, which can distract pancreatic enzymes from neutralizing and fighting cancer cells.

Proteins are vital and necessary to our health, some amino acids are made with in our bodies, while the other essential amino acids are obtained from the foods we eat.

Just how much protein that is needed daily has been exaggerated in our culture of heavy meat eating.Eating too much meat is common to westerners, having detrimental effects to our health and weight.Seaweed, super greens (Spirulina, Chlorella), sprouts (Mung bean, chick pea, and broccoli seed), Goji berries, avocado, and various nuts and seeds (Chia, hemp) offer a wide variety of amino acids.Vegetarians and vegans can obtain all the essential amino acids needed for complete proteins by combining grains and legumes (rice and beans or seed and pulses). It's easier for the body to synthesize amino acids in this vegetarian fashion. rather than to eat complete protein from animal sources, where your body then has to break these large molecules down before they can be utilized with in the body.

On the other hand, when you eat a plant-based diet, you are getting the antioxidants inherent in vegetables and fruits that are critical to neutralizing cancer-causing free radicals in the body and fibre that acts like a scrubbing brush going through your body. A varied, plant-based diet is a protective diet—sufficient in amino acids for protein needs; high in fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; and low in saturated fats.

So to round this subject up a small palm size amount of animal protein such as red meat eaten every 3 days would be better for our health. That way we can enjoy all the benefits of meat and help our digestive and elimination organs, without taxing or over burdening our digestive juices, and creating too much acid with in the body.

Instead - alkalise your body!!