Quantum Magnetic Analyser

The Quantum magnetic resonance analyser is an effective and accurate way to monitor your health. The analysis system has been established from a strong scientific background, Leading to a high accurate analysis of your overall health.

The Quantum Magnetic Analyser is non-invasive and painless.

By simply holding the sensor in the palm of your hand, I can obtain an understanding of your health within minutes via specific electromagnetic wave signals.

I will then provide you with a report with information about your body health.

Your report will include information about these health factors:

  • human toxins

  • trace elements

  • vitamins

  • amino acids

  • heavy metals

  • gynaecology (female health)

  • prostrate (male health)

  • endocrine system

  • immune system and environmental allergies.

  • cardiovascular system

  • gastrointestinal

  • liver

  • gall bladder

  • pancreatic

  • blood sugar

  • kidney and lung function

  • skin

  • breast

  • bone density